Eyelash Extensions (cruelty-free)

Now you can wake up beautiful everyday- cruelty-free!

Our eyelash extension products are designed to be very safe with no breakage of the natural lashes and no harm to the eyes. We use medical-grade eyelash glue and cruelty-free faux mink lashes made from high-quality silk.

Get the lashes you've always wanted-whether you'd love thick, long, dramatic lashes, or you'd prefer to go for a fuller but natural look.We will customize your lashes based on your needs and preferences.

After an initial consultation, you will relax on a massage table in one of our private rooms. A gel eye pad will be placed to cover your lower lashes, and your certified technician will carefully apply each lash extension one at a time to each individual lash. Your eyelash extensions will last the length of your natural eyelash growth cycle, and will begin to fall out on it's own.


Although each person will differ, we recommend that you come in for a fill every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain your beautiful look.

Services (Duncan, BC)

All lash extension appointments include a collagen eye treatment and organic eye care.

Lash Extensions


Classic Full Set

Classic Fill (1 week/7 days)

Classic Fill (2 weeks/14 days)

Classic Fill (3 weeks/21 days)

* Note: After 3 weeks is a full set.

Volume Full Set (coming soon)

Volume Fill (1 week/7 days)

Volume Fill (2 weeks/14 days)

Volume Fill (3 weeks/21 days)

$ 130

$ 35

$ 50

$ 65


$ 195

$ 50

$ 65

$ 95