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What is below:  About Sei Bella Sugaring & Beauty Spa, About Sugaring Hair Removal, About Our Brazilians, About Fair Trade Sugar


About Sei Bella Sugaring & Beauty Spa

Spa Atmosphere

Enjoy our beautiful rooms while you receive your treatments in a spa-like, relaxing environment.

Organic, Fair-Trade Products

We have a commitment to using organic, fair-trade sugaring paste/gel and servicing products. We also offer guests fair-trade hot chocolate, teas and coffee when you come in.

Charitable Contribution

When you come in to Sei Bella Sugaring Spa, you will not only receive a wonderful service but you will be contributing to others' lives. We donate a portion of our sales and services to local charitable organisations and sponsor children through Hope for Haiti's Children and Food for the Hungry. 


Specializing in beautiful Brazilians

Our estheticians most often do 15 to 25 Brazilians per day, not per month, as compared to salon and estheticians who do many other services. We also use a much gentler sugaring technique (see below). You can rest assured that we are specialists and that you will receive the best service and Brazilian around..


Caring, Gentle Estheticians

Clients often comment and thank us for being gentle and helping them feel comfortable and at ease. We only hire estheticians who have a passion for people, as well as offering high quality services.

Affordable, Quality Services

Our prices are less than most sugaring salons, and are competitive even compared to similar (but inferior) waxing services. We also offer discounts for regular clients and a loyalty card for further discounts as a thank you.

All Natural Cleaners and Service Products

Sei Bella Sugaring Spa uses natural service products and cleans with only natural cleaning products. The only exception is to disinfect tweezers, etc.

About Sugaring (All-Natural Waxing/Body Sugaring)

10 Reasons Why Sugaring is Superior to Waxing

  1. Pure and Natural Ingredients:
    completely natural - made from sugar, lemon and guar gum. It's so pure it's safe enough to eat, and is even safe to use on sensitive skin. --wax contains resins, formaldahyde and other chemicals.

  2. More Sanitary:
    hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic: sugar paste is applied with a gloved hand, and a fresh ball of sugar paste is used for each client, meaning no risk of cross contamination. --wax: bacteria easily breeds in the wax pot. Also, sometimes a wood spatula is repeatedly dipped in the same wax pot that is used from client to client.

  3. Less Painful:
    sugar will not stick to live skin cells, only the dead skin cells are removed, so there is less risk of abrasions/tearing and generally less redness than waxing. --wax: adheres to live skin cells and when removed it will pull the skin increasing the risk of tearing and redness.

  4. Not Hot:
    sugar paste is lukewarm when it is applied, so there ís no risk of burning the skin. -wax: resin waxes are heated to high temperatures to keep them fluid, so burning is a risk.

  5. Better Technique:
    sugar paste is applied against the natural direction of hair growth, then removed in the direction of growth... resulting in less painful hair removal and less hair breakage. --wax: applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against the natural direction of hair growth. Frequently results in breakage of hair at the follicle, which can lead to ingrown hairs and unsightly bumps.

  6. Extract Very Short Hairs:
    hair growth need only be 1/8 inch long to be removed (about 7 days growth). --wax: need at least 2-3 weeks growth before the hair can be removed.

  7. Sugaring is Gentle:
    sugaring is so gentle it can be used to remove the vellus hair that grows on some women's faces (something that cannot be done with waxing).

  8. Easy Clean Up:
    sugar paste dissolves easily in water and there's no sticky residue left on your skin. --wax: requires the use of chemical solvents to remove.

  9. Permanency:
    sugaring leads to permanency, similar to laser. Most clients notice a difference after their first appointment.

  10. Hair stays away longer:
    Most clients find that the hair stays away on average a week longer than waxing.

About Our Brazilians 

At Sei Bella Sugaring Spa, we LOVE to do Brazilians! In fact, 80% of appointments are for a Brazilian sugaring.

So what is a Brazilian "wax"?

A Brazilian removes all the hair from the pubic area, and even between the bum cheeks. Some clients choose to leave a strip or patch of hair at the top. The results are absolutely beautiful!

Sounds like it hurts!

There is certainly a level of discomfort with a Brazilian sugaring. However, at Sei Bella Sugaring Spa we do what we can to minimize any pain and make you comfortable. We use an all-natural waxing technique called body sugaring (think of it as the all-natural version of hard wax, but even better) that pulls the hair in the natural direction of growth, and we work on small areas at a time; this alone makes it far less painful than traditional methods of waxing.

Sounds great! I've booked an appointment for a Brazilian sugaring, what can I expect when I go in?

Your esthetician will step out of the room for a few minutes and you will undress from waist down. You will be supplied with an all-natural feminine wipe to quickly cleanse yourself. You will also be supplied with a towel to cover yourself and then relax on the esthetics or massage table until your Esthetician arrives. Your Esthetician will be washing her hands while you are getting undressed and will knock before coming in. When you hear the knock, just let her know that you are ready or that you need another minute to be ready.

We use an organic, fair-trade body sugaring paste and professional technique (kind of like the all-natural version of hard wax, but even better). Your Esthetician will lightly spritz an herbal toner to the pubic region (this helps protect the skin while lifting the hairs to prepare them for removal) and a aluminum-free drying powder. Rest assured that we wear gloves at all times and never double-dip! First, she will remove the "treasure trail" hair, if necessary. Then, she will start the Brazilian from the outer areas on both sides and work her way in. When the area is done, she will check for little stray hairs that will need to be removed; we can get hairs out that are only 2 mm long at this point (traditional waxing requires 1/4 inch which is 6 mm).She will then remove the hair between the bum cheeks. You will be asked to lay on your side for this. If you want a Vajazzle, she will apply it at this point (so beautiful! 

When all is done, you will be given a warm, wet towel to wipe off any residue from the sugar paste and apply an all-natural healing lotion. Your Esthetician will be out of the room washing her hands again, so you can do this privately.

Congratulations, you now have a beautiful and sexy Brazilian!


Wow, that wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be! I absolutely love my Brazilian, how often should I come back to get this done?

Most people come in every 4 to 5 weeks. We offer a lower price for your maintenance appointments when you come in 5 weeks or less from your last Brazilian appointment with us (Duncan only). Your very first appointment takes about 30 minutes, then you will come in every 4 to 5 weeks for a maintenance appointment which takes 15 to 20 minutes. You will receive a Brazilian Loyalty Card, which we will "punch" at every Brazilian appointment. Once filled, you will receive a free Brazilian as a thank you!! (Applicable at all locations) .


What if I get my period before my appointment?

We do have fresh wipes and organic tampons on hand if needed, so we can accommodate you. If you prefer to reschedule your appointment we ask for 24 hours notice (within open business hours; a full day or more).

As always, remember that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL... Naturally!

About Fair Trade Sugar

We value and love all people, which is why we only use fair trade, organic sugar. We go out of our way to only produce and use  products with ingredients that can and should be fair trade (i.e. coconut, lemon, etc).  You may find the video below informative and life-changing. Please take the time to watch.