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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Who can get laser done?

  • The ideal candidate will have hair darker than their skin tone. If you have pigmented hair and have been out of the sun you are an ideal candidate. If you are unsure please book a consultation and your lase tech will be able to assess your skin. We can laser on skin that is type 1 ( light, pale white) to Type 5 (Brown, dark brow)


Does it hurt? 

  • We want you to feel about 3-4 on the pain scale to ensure it is working, it will feel warm and like a small zap but it is not extremely painful. The cooling tip on the laser machine works to counteract the heat penetrating into the follicle. It is mostly a painless procedure


How many sessions will I need?

  • The typical regimen is between 6-10 sessions, spaced anywhere from 4-10 weeks apart.


Why do I need multiple sessions?

  • Your natural hair grows in different cycles. Only about 20-25% of hair follicles on the body are in active growth at any given time. This is the percentage that can be destroyed in a single treatment session. In order to eliminate 90% of the hair, treatments need to be repeated until we have attacked the majority of the follicles and hair cycles.


When will I see results?

  • Two weeks following the first treatment you will begin to see  results and significantly less hair will be growing back


How far do I space out my appointments?

  • We recommend for the first 3-4 sessions you space out on our recommended schedule and the following set schedule waits for an influx of your hair growth fpr the remaining sessions. Every laser hair client's growth cycle is a little different.


  • Face Every 4-6 weeks, Then influx of hair  6-8 weeks

  • Underarm/Bikini/Brazilian Every 6-8,  Then influx of hair 8-10

  • Body 8-10 weeks, Then influx of hair 10-16


What makes your laser different?

  • Each session is tailored to the person with a dynamic pulse to ensure we tackle the pigment of the hair. Different hair colours, skin tones etc all contribute to a customized setting used, which is why a consultation is required.


Why do I have to stay out of the sun before receiving treatment?

  • The laser attacks the pigment of the hair, if you have a current strong tan it will penetrate the tan not the hair follicle. Fall/ Winter is the perfect time to start a laser hair journey as we will be in the sun a lot less, creating less of a barrier for the light to get through to the root of the hair. 


How much hair growth do I need/ do I need to shave?

  • 4-6 weeks post sugaring/waxing/epilating is perfect. You do not need to shave prior to your consultation, trimming is welcomed if you’d like. 

  • You will need to have shaved for the laser treatment. We recommend shaving the night before or the morning of, the laser will help with any ingrown hair from shaving. If you are unable to shave and will need us to shave the area for you, an appointment for a pre-shave before laser will need to be booked for more time and a fee. If there are just some areas that need to be cleaned up before treatment that is absolutely fine. 

  • You are welcome to shave as much as you would like in between laser appointments.


How do I purchase/book a package?

  • If you purchase a package with us you can do so in the spa, and we can book in your first few sessions when there. Because the later sessions will be tailored to each individual we recommend you call us to book when you have the influx of hair growth. 

  • If you have purchased a package and would like to book online you would book it as a single service and we would change it to the package option on our end. 

  • In order to book a package session you need to have purchased a package.


Why are the packages listed cheaper?

  • The packages have listed the breakdown of the individual price. A stand alone Brazilian appointment is $130.00 but if you purchase a 6 session or 8 session package you are receiving a discount bringing them down to $115.00 and 108.12 a session

  • 6 session packages are 15% off and 8 session packages are 20% off for single area lasers. 


Are the single sessions containing multiple areas discounted?

  • Yes if you book a multi area package session they are discounted 10%, and if buying them in a 6 or 8 session you will receive an additional 10 or 15% off. 

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