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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Age a Factor?

No. Unwanted hair can develop on anyone at any time. Your age is not a factor in treatment.

Parental consent is required of anyone under the age of sixteen.

What Does a Treatment Feel Like?

Each individual’s comfort level is different during treatment. Some areas are more sensitive than others and will be felt, depending on the tolerance of the individual.

Is Electrolysis Safe?

Yes. With a qualified technician, electrolysis is completely safe. The medical profession often recommends electrolysis treatment and electrologists receive referrals from doctors.

At Sei Bella proper sterilization and sanitizing procedures are implemented for all services in our spa. Treatments are safe and permanent results are achieved.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Completion time varies with every individual depending on the hair growth that is present. Temporary methods of hair removal (tweezing, waxing, etc.) stimulate the hair root and promotes stronger hair and more regrowth. The most important thing to remember is that regular treatments are essential. The papilla is much easier to destroy in the early stages of growth before it has reached its full depth.

What is the Cost Involved?

The cost will vary with each individual, depending on the amount of hair to be removed. It is almost impossible to estimate a precise cost. Consultations are free and at that time we can explain to you in greater depth the process and make a better analysis of your hair growth.

What Causes Excess Hair Growth?

There are three general categories of causes for excess hair:

1) Congenital

2) Topical

3) Systemic


Congenital - refers to racial, ethnic and familial inheritance.


Topical - refers to conditions pertaining to a particular area of the skin and which affect only that area. Usually caused by irritation which promotes hair growth, i.e. wearing a cast. It may also be an acquired problem- caused by the use of temporary hair removal methods that stimulate hair growth.


Systemic - refers to the endocrine system. Any changes to the chemical structure of the endocrine system (glands) have the potential for causing hair growth problems.

Normal Systemic changes can happen at milestones such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Abnormal Systemic changes can arise out of glandular defect inherited from either parent, an acquired disease or infection, surgery, medication, emotional (stress), a tumour or a dietary deficiency.


Whatever the cause “Elite Electrolysis” at Sei Bella can permanently remove unwanted hair.

What Are Hair Types?

There are two general classifications of hair, Vellus (Lanugo) and terminal.

Vellus hairs- are the soft, downy types found on the cheeks and elsewhere. These hairs do not become terminal hair unless stimulated by topical or systemic conditions.

Terminal hairs -are deep-seated coarse hairs that grow from the scalp, underarms, pubic region and other body parts. These hairs are the most obvious and are the ones usually requested to be removed.

How Does Hair Grow?

Hair grows in three different stages:

a) Anagen

b) Catagen

c) Telogen

Anagen is the period of active growth.


Catagen is the stage when the papilla separates and withdraws from the matrix. The hair becomes detached and is shed.


Telogen is the stage of rest until the follicle is stimulated to begin a new cycle.

During this dormant stage, no hair is produced, at least 20% of the body’s hair can be dormant at any given time. Often, after electrolysis treatment, this dormant hair emerges, which clients believe as regrowth, but it is hair that has never been treated


Proper scheduling of treatments to eliminate all hair cells is the most effective and efficient procedure of permanent hair removal.

“Elite Electrolysis at Sei Bella” has the most advanced technology available. We can provide our clients with effective results with minimum discomfort.

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