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What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a safe, gentle and more effective way to remove unwanted hair. Using a paste made out of sugar, lemon juice and water, the sugar is applied against the hair growth and gently flicked in the direction of the hair growth. This method helps reduce discomfort and ingrown hairs!

But where does sugaring come from?

Allegedly used by Cleopatra herself, sugaring has been around since 1900 BC. The women of Alexandria made a paste out of honey to remove unwanted hair for hygienic & beauty purposes.

Sugaring has recently made a comeback because of it's use of natural and eco-friendly products, one of the many reasons why we love sugaring! At the spa, we formulate our own sugar paste! Our Sei Bella Sugaring Paste is completely organic, made with fair-trade cane sugar and natural enough you could eat it!

At Sei Bella Sugaring Spa, we specialize in Brazilians/Manzilians! In fact, 80% of appointments are for this service.

So what is a Brazilian/Manzilian "wax"?

A Brazilian/Manzilian removes all the hair from the pubic area, and even between the bum cheeks. Some clients choose to leave a strip or patch of hair at the top. The results are absolutely beautiful!

Sounds like it hurts!

There is certainly a level of discomfort with a Brazilian/Manzilian sugaring. However we do what we can to minimize any pain and make you feel comfortable. Sugaring pulls the hair out in the natural direction of growth (meaning less discomfort) and we work on small areas at a time; this alone makes it far less painful than traditional methods of waxing.

Sounds great! I've booked an appointment for a Brazilian/Manzilian sugaring, what can I expect when I go in?

Your sugarer will step out of the room for a few minutes and you will undress from waist down. You will be supplied with an all-natural wipe to quickly cleanse yourself. You will also be supplied with a towel to cover yourself and then relax on the esthetics table until your sugarer arrives. Your sugarer will be washing her hands while you are getting undressed and will knock before coming in. When you hear the knock, just let her know that you are ready or that you need another minute.


Your sugarer will lightly apply our Sei Bella Professional aluminum-free drying powder to help dry the area before beginning to sugar. Rest assured that we wear gloves at all times and never double-dip! First, she will remove the "treasure trail" hair, if needed. Then, she will start the Brazilian/Manzilian from the outer areas on both sides and work her way in. When the area is done, she will check for little stray hairs that will need to be removed; we can get hairs out that are only 2 mm long at this point (traditional waxing requires 1/4 inch which is 6 mm). She will then remove the hair between the bum cheeks. You will be asked to lay on your side for this.

When all is done, you will be given a warm, wet towel to wipe off any residue from the sugar paste and apply our all-natural Sei Bella Professional healing cream. Your sugarer will be out of the room washing her hands again, so you can do this privately.


Congratulations, you've now experienced the exceptional

Sei-Bella Brazilian/Manzilian!


Wow, that wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be! I absolutely love my Brazilian/Manzilian, how often should I come back to get this done?

We recommend to re-book 4 to 5 weeks after your first service.


A typical hair cycle is every 4 to 5 weeks. If you've been shaving prior to your first sugaring appointment or haven't had this service done in a long time, you may experience a faster regrowth or an undergrowth of hair due to having multiple hair cycles coming through at one time.


With continued maintenance, by your third or fourth visit, we will have removed all the undergrowth and you will be down to one cycle of hair.

Your hair will now be easier and less painful to remove. You will now be experiencing the ease of maintenance Brazilians/Manzilians!

What can I do at home to have great results after my sugaring service?

Having a good exfoliating & moisturizing routine will help you have better sugaring results! Exfoliating the sugared area will remove dead skin cells so your hair isn't blocked when it grows back. Moisturizing will also help keep your skin healthy & soft, preventing ingrowns and easier hair removal at your next appointment.

At Sei-Bella, we've formulated a line of all-natural products designed for sugaring aftercare.

Click the link below to learn more about our amazing products!

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